The Bombadils

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“The Bombadils have all the elements of a great band – a high level of musical proficiency, deep respect for the traditional roots of their material and an engaging repertoire which holds the attention of the listener from beginning to end.”
Amy Gajadhar, Canadian Folk Music magazine

“This was the band the came out of nowhere and slayed the audience, offering a richer experience for everyone.”
Liz Scott, artistic director, Eaglewood Folk Festival, Pefferlaw, Ontario

Album:  Grassy Roads, Wandering Feet

The Bombadils are a band of four, a self-described "charismatic and kind-
hearted bunch of rascals". They write and perform tunes that blend their strong musical influences, drawing from Québecois, Irish, and bluegrass folk styles. They create a decidedly contemporary sound that combine soaring melodic lines, tight rhythmic energy, and virtuosity.urning banjo doubters into sweaty indie folk rock believers on the dance floor, one town at a time.

​The Bombadils first connected in Montreal, QC, over a shared curiosity surrounding the Celtic and bluegrass traditions. They were raised Canada-wide and trained in classical and jazz performance. Endearingly described by those closest to them as “chamber folk,” The Bombadils bring music and high spirits to folk clubs, festivals, and forests, allowing their diverse influences to flow naturally through an array of instruments, including flute, fiddle, guitar, mandolin, upright bass, and harmonized singing.



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