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To Shane Harte, the moment when the music and the lyrics slide into place is the best part of songwriting. That’s when the ball starts rolling and everything finally starts to come together. To him, the opportunity to create something genuine and personal is an incredible feeling, and he is still astounded that he is now getting the opportunity to chase that feeling professionally.

Growing up in a musical family, Shane had always felt the allure of a career as a musician. His sister, Cora, was the singer of the family, and Shane was her biggest fan. But it wasn’t until Shane was 12 that he began to consider himself a singer. In fact, it was his dad (himself a former member of a band), who noticed Shane’s incredible potential while he was singing along to the car radio. Already a guitarist, Shane began vocal training to harness his talent, and his path as a singer/songwriter was set.

Shane’s love of performing drove him to seek out every on-stage opportunity his hometown of Brampton, Ontario, Canada had to offer – from local talent shows to leading roles in musical theatre productions. He got his first taste of mass exposure in 2013 when he performed at the Much Music Video Awards and on Much Music’s New Music Live as a member of the children’s choir singing the hit song “Inner Ninja” with renowned hip hop artist Classified.

While music is Shane’s passion, his appetite for creativity has also led him to explore his talents in the field of acting. His inviting personality and natural presence in front of the camera landed him the part of Anthony on the Hallmark Channel’s original series Good Witch, followed by a recurring role as Shane on the popular Family Channel series The Next Step. Both roles have showcased Shane’s sophisticated edge and the experience has given Shane even more perspective on his musical career.

Shane found his songwriting voice through collaborating and messing around with friends, which gave him a deep appreciation for musical experimentation – as Shane puts it, “figuring out who you are as an artist takes time and a lot of trial and error.” He is excited to be arriving on the scene as an alternative-pop artist at a time when different genres are connecting in ways like never before.

Single:  "Let You Know"

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