Genres:  roots, blues, gospel, soul & country

Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar

Album - Send the Nightingale

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Bubbling up from the cauldron of roots Americana music, Edmonton-born Samantha Martin is an artist of extraordinary power, gravitas and deep-seated emotion. On first listen, one is immediately struck by the awesome presence and sheer magnitude of her other worldly voice. Cigarette-ravaged and whiskey-soaked in the extreme, Martin’s pipes are capable of conveying an infinite range of emotions, bringing one to tears in one instance and in the next uplifting one’s soul with an empowered declaration of hope, faith and desire.

 Samantha Martin and Delta Sugar emerge as one of the most powerful new artists to emerge on the roots music scene in many a year.


"Whoa, and hello! Here's a voice that comes along once in a generation, and only on a blue moon. Out of Toronto, Martin could be doing big rock songs, over-singing and being called the new Janis Joplin, and thankfully, she is not. Instead, she's been building a roots/blues/gospel sound and team with Delta Sugar. They sound like a million bucks, but are only a small group. In addition to Martin's leads and acoustic guitar, there are the harmonies of Sherie Marshall and Stacie Tabb, electric guitar from MIkey McCallum, and organ from Jimmy Hill. Any percussion is stomps and claps from the group, and that is it, but it packs more punch than a stage full of amps and guitar heroes.

The all-original material is seamless, never dropping the ball on the right lyric, tone and emotion. This is a group that just gets it, gets it all.

- Rob Mersereau



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