At OMH, we stand strongly behind Canadian talent and offer quality, professional promotional services at crazy low reasonable prices.  We cater both to the professional musician as well as the amateur just starting out and pledge to provide our customers with exposure to audiences across the province and beyond!

With over 25 years of award winning marketing expertise, we will work hard to ensure your sound is heard!

We offer three different listings which are available to solo artists and bands alike.  Again, if you are a resident of Ontario or perform regularly in the province - you qualify.  It doesn't get any easier than that.

Also - for a limited time, if you or your band has performed in a major music festival in 2015 in Ontario, you qualify for a FREE PREMIUM LISTING for 2 months!  Our premium listings has all the bells and whistles you could want - photos, video, cd info, social media connections, contact forms and much much more!  (see below for details!)  After those two months are up, you can decide to keep your listing at a premium level...or you can downgrade to a BASIC LISTING with fewer perks but still - a great deal!

​Click on one of the packages below and sign up today!

Basic Listing - Free

Our Basic Listing is a scaled back version of our Premium Listing and is an affordable option to musicians with a limited marketing budget.

This plan features:

- One photo

- Descriptive text block 

- Website address (no hyperlink)

- 1-2 reviews

***To check out a sample of a Basic Listing - click here!

CLICK HERE to submit your Basic Listing now!

Premium Listing - ON SALE until December 31, 2015:  Only $ 25.00/year

(Regular price $ 36.00/year)

If you're looking for a jazzed up listing, then this option is for you!  

This plan features:

- One header photo (horizontal format)

- Additional photo (square format)

- Cd artwork graphic

- Descriptive text block

- Website address (with active link)

- Links to social media accounts / pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

- External link address where visitors can go to view upcoming concert dates

- External link address where visitors can go to purchase/download music.

- 1-3 Playable YouTube videos (you provide us with the link)

- 1-3 reviews

- Optional "Contact Us" form.  Inquiries from site visitors will be sent to the email address you provide.  Your actual email address will not be published or shared.

*After you submit your listing, you will receive an invoice from us requesting payment.  We use PayPal as our payment processor which allows you to securely make your payment using credit card or withdrawal from your bank account.  We also accept payment by check, money order and e-transfer.  Once we have received your payment, your listing will be published.

***Most of our listings currently on are Premium Listings.  Be sure to check them out!

CLICK HERE to submit your Premium Listing now!

Youth Talent Listing - Free to youth aged 17 - 21 years!

We are all for helping younger talent find their place in the music industry.  We offer all of the features listed above in our Premium Listing.  Offer is valid until artist turns 22.

CLICK HERE to submit your free Youth Talent Listing now!

***Any Premium or Youth Talent Listing qualifies to be spotlighted on our website and social media pages!  This means greater exposure for you.  By submitting your listing, you acknowledge agreement that your listing will be published online and will be accessed by internet users.  You may edit or change your profile at any time or you may choose to cancel your listing if for any reason, you no longer want to be listed on Ontario Music Hub.

Any listing submitted to Ontario Music Hub will also be published on the Canada Music Hub website scheduled to roll out late 2015 or early 2016.

We create profiles based on information and materials submitted however we do reserve the right to edit or limit content provided to us if we deem these materials to be inappropriate or offensive in any way.

Still have questions, send us a message below!


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Have musical talent to promote?

Are you a resident of Ontario, or perform regularly in Ontario?

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