Kunle is a Nigerian born singer/songwriter. Kunle's first love is his guitar - his unique finger-picking, percussion-style of play surprises audiences. He accompanies his first love of guitar with others -  songwriting, singing and the harmonica.

Growing up in Nigeria, moving to Ghana to launch his musical career and spending some time on the sea, Kunle's style is a mix of all cultures from Celtic to blues to rock to African folk. As he often says, music has no boundaries. 

Kunle sings in Yoruba, English, Pidgin and German. Kunle generally performs solo, and on occasion works with a band. He has performed with Ofie Kodjoe, Cae and Villy and the Xtreme Volumes, some of Ghana's best known musical talents. Kunle has participated in various music festivals, including Republic Festival Ghana 2013 and 2014, Ghana AfroJazz Festival 2013 and Asa Baako Ghana 2014. Just recently, Kunle performed various stages including the main stage of the grand dame of folk festival- Mariposa Folk Festival 2015.  

He has performed for the Foreign Minister of Germany on an official visit to Ghana and for dignitaries at the British High Commission and United States Embassy in Ghana. He has played alongside the famous French classical guitarist, Thibault Cauvin. From 2013-2014, Kunle was the house guitarist for Live on the Terrace, at the award winning Villa Monticello in Accra. He has written the score for a full-length movie (to be released in Ghana) and for several short-length films for organizations, such as the Ghana Goethe Institute. 

Two fun facts about Kunle: his technical background is in marine engineering and he's learning Japanese! Kunle is currently based in Toronto. 



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Twitter:  @kunlexy24

Instagram:  @kunloskola

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