Hedley's Album "HELLO" will be released 11.06.2015

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Hedley is a Vancouver-based pop-punk band that launched to stardom in 2005 after lead singer Jacob Hoggard’s successful run on Canadian Idol. They have sold nearly one million albums and are known for their frenetic energy, ribald humour and sold-out Canadian concert tours. Several of their albums and singles have been certified platinum in Canada, and their carefree radio-friendly sound has helped them dominate the airwaves.

The band was deemed the “king of all-format airplay” in Canada by Billboard magazine in 2014, and 14 of their videos have hit No. 1 on the MuchMusic Countdown chart. Hedley has received more than two dozen Juno Award nominations and won two Juno Awards, numerous Much Music Video Awards and other music industry awards.

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