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​​​In an old schoolhouse studio on the shores of Georgian Bay, Ontario, sits a 1929 Heintzman vintage upright grand with an aged grace, several chipped keys, and a well-worn mahogany finish. Two female songwriters lean intensely over the black and whites to put the finishing touches on an irresistibly intimate song laden with the heady thrill of new love.  A melody that at first brushes up softly against you, gracefully adding layer after layer and finally building to a heart pounding, soaring finish that leaves you almost breathless in its wake.

There is a kind of magic and wonder that almost shimmers in the air when two beautiful voices mix and meld together as one.  Beckon (Beth Hamilton & Connie Rossitter) is a female duo with just such an enchanted pairing.   The two songwriters have combined their talents and their names to form a musical tour-de-force that is causing listeners to sit up and take notice.  With their fresh acoustic pop sound and graceful style Beckon achieves broad commercial appeal.  They are rapidly gaining recognition for their captivating original music and stunning trademark harmonies.

2012 marked the release of Beckon's first full-length studio album, "Beautiful Life".  With JUNO nominated producer J. Richard Hutt (Tom Cochrane, Skydiggers, and The Northern Pikes) at the helm, this FACTOR funded album showcases the same successful pairing that garnered Beckon radio play from their highly successful EP "The Summer Sessions" (August 2011).  The catchy, piano-centred album showcases a collection of attention grabbing songs that blurs the lines between catchy pop brilliance, authentic sincerity, and a polished AC maturity.  

Beckon's sheer joy of performing is infectious, evidenced by their enthusiastic and devoted following.  Trading off between piano and guitar, and seamlessly shifting between lead and harmony vocals, it is at times difficult to distinguish their individual voices in this captivating and seemingly effortless pairing.

It's all about heart.  From the uplifting, empowering and positive messaging in the anthemic "Beautiful Life" single, to the groovy and sexy sassiness of "Skinny Jeans", the tongue-in-cheek jilted lover attitude of "Sandman" or the heart-wrenching soulful ballad "Return to Me",

one thing is for certain - Beckon can write!

Beckon breathes life into songs that emanate from a deep, genuine place in their hearts and resonate so loudly within our own.  Quite simply, one listen "Beckons" you to hear more...

"Armed with their album, Beckon will be one step further down the road on what is sure to be a successful musical journey" 

- Mark Ludlum, Sony Music

"These talented ladies obviously took to hear that age-old adage "love what you do".  Their love of music, songwriting and performing is apparent in everything that they do and their chemistry is undeniable.  Their song "Beautiful Life" in particular has struck a chord in many people looking for a little positivity in their lives, exemplified perfectly by Beckon and their approach to their craft." 

- Aly Boltman, Theatre Manager, Roxy Theatre, Owen Sound

​"I knew I was booking a band with crisp songwriting, soaring vocals and richly textured arrangements.  Beckon's radio play had informed me of that.  But when they took to the stage with their engaging personalities and their sheer joy to perform... I knew our audience was in for a special night.  They were an unmitigated hit!" 

- Rob Ritchie, Tanglefoot

Photo Credit:  Graham Powell



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